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Tanner City Contractors

Contractors you swear by... not at!

Beautifying homes & commercial properties since 1986

About Us

Commercial & residential property work done. We work with property management companies, builders, developers & homeowner,s. We travel within a 2 hour period for work. Mostly on the Mass east coast & N.H.

   Lately we have been applying metal standing seam roofs, & fully adhered rubber roof systems. Lately a lot of Energy Star rated commercial jobs with solar reflective asphalt shingles & white rubber roofs. You ask for the product and we will install on all types of buildings.

   Our professionalism & name speaks for itself. With workmanship I have been performing since 1986. We have seen and applied all phases of roofs & construction detail. Metal copper work & fabrications of all types. Call & let us quote your next job & give a recommendation of work needed or done.

   Roof evaluations performed also.


65 Walnut Street Bld

Peabody,Ma 01970

978-531-1689 Fax 978-531-4314


Mon - Fri: 8AM - 5PM

Sat: 8AM - 1PM

Sun: Closed